City limousine is one of a kind luxury car hire in Melbourne that is designed for all your events or travel plans. We have customised all our services packages to meet the needs of our customers. Our span of Limousine services in Melbourne goes from greeting the customer to providing complete entertainment and comfort. Our systemized process includes the following steps,

Greeting at its best
- our Chauffeurs are trained to meet and greet our customers to give them a homely feeling.

The helping hand - Our Staff will always be there to carry your luggage and help you with any other baggage that you are travelling with.

Complete contact - our chauffeurs will always keep you informed of their arrival and will be in complete contact with you during your travel with us.

Door to Door Service - Our Luxury car services are designed to make you feel a hassle free trip.

Always prepared - Our services are designed as such that we always have sufficient backup to provide our clients with any service they require.

Secure Seating for Kids - We have taken care of all safety precautions for your kids and our cars are equipped with Baby seats and Booster Seats as per requirement of Law.

Complete Comfort and entertainment - Our cars are equipped with the latest technological gadgets to cater your video and music demands